IENE-789 Lucky plumber

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The sink was clogged, the lecherous female homeowner quickly called a plumber to fix it. The boy had a tall, handsome figure, so as soon as she saw him, she couldn't control her desire. While he was struggling to repair the kitchen sink. Then she was happy with her sextoy and images of the plumber constantly appearing in her mind. Luckily, she didn't need to try to make connections to make herself happy anymore, everything was about to happen right in real life. Just when she went to check, the plumber also pulled out a long sextoy from the sink, it turned out that her lust was the cause of the clogged sink. Knowing this, at the same time she was wearing revealing, sexy clothes, the boy was captivated by her beauty. It was impossible to resist the dictates of the lustful demon in his body. , he reluctantly approached her to make love to him - something she had been wanting for a long time.

IENE-789 Lucky plumber

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